About us

A fresh new perspective to managing your property

We’re pooling our 340 years of experience, long-term partnerships, trusted service partners and meticulously high standards together to offer our world-class property management service to others.

Partnering with the best

Long-term partnerships
We’ve been around for a long time, so we set the standard for real quality. It’s this quality that we demand of all our partners.

So, whether you have a boutique residential building or an office block servicing 800 employees, you’ll find the same standard of service across the board. Having worked with the same suppliers for years, we can guarantee great value for money and competitive pricing. As for our in-house team, we have technical experts in mechanics, engineering, cleaning and security who are responsible for ensuring everything is carried out in a timely manner, representing great value.

The Grosvenor Passport
We run an industry leading passport-to-work scheme; a rigorous training programme in health and safety, customer service and our company values which we require all our service delivery partners to complete before they can work with us.

Supply Chain Charter
At Grosvenor, we expect all our service partners to work to our exacting standards, both delivering a high quality of service and undertaking that work in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. In 2019 Grosvenor launched a new set of standards for our service partners, The Supply Chain Charter.

The Supply Chain Charter has twelve distinct targets, focusing on Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities. By ensuring our service partners deliver against these standards, we are able to deliver best-in-class service in a way that supports the local economy and reduces our impact on the environment.

Constant learning & innovation

Our learning programme
We are proud of the culture of learning and self-improvement we have in our team. Our people are constantly challenging themselves to be better, to find out more and to provide the best possible service to our customers. This is supported by a weekly training programme to ensure consistency and excellence across the team. It is this investment in our people that means we have one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry.

Our buildings are getting smarter
We are constantly trialling and undertaking innovative solutions to make our service better for customers. This is not a paid-for extra. It’s part of what we do. This includes everything from a data-driven maintenance programme that reduces service charge costs to installing sensors to optimise air quality. It all serves to bring the best possible experience to our occupiers.

Committed to sustainability

Sustainability Goals
We’re leading the charge for environmental responsibility, and we want to take you on that green journey with us. We are confidently targeting becoming net-zero for our carbon emissions, in all our managed properties, by 2030. We want to reduce emissions throughout our supply chain, development and tenant activity, so we’ll collaborate and share our tech with you to make that happen. But we won’t stop there. By 2030, we plan to eradicate waste from our buildings and by 2050 our goal is to eradicate waste from entire communities where we operate. https://www.grosvenor.com/our-businesses/grosvenor-britain-ireland/environmental-leadership

Grosvenor utilities
In order to achieve our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, we’ve created an industry-leading utility service for customers.

We consistently beat the market by 6%
We ensure the best prices by buying in bulk (in the hundreds of millions of pounds a year!), and then balance the risk of price fluctuations by buying in advance. We have a quarterly report that evidences these savings which you can read.

We use 100% deep green energy
Our energy comes solely from green energy sources, including Grosvenor’s own renewable energy schemes in the Reay Forest, North Scotland. We receive annual certificates, which are audited, that prove the green origins of our energy.

There’s zero administration, zero fees
We use smart meters throughout our buildings, meaning you pay for precisely what you use. No more. No less. And the cherry on top? No faffing around with readings or the admin of bills.

Exceptional onsite delivery

Repairs and maintenance
We work with highly-qualified service delivery partners, able to carry out a whopping 40,000 different tasks between them every year. They manage all the day-to-day things, from cleaning to lift maintenance. They have over 250 friendly staff based on-site and know the properties we manage like the back of their hands, so they can tackle problems immediately and effectively. What’s more, they use electric vehicles to get around, helping to improve the air quality for our communities.

On-site staff
Spending time in a Grosvenor-managed building should be an exceptional experience from start to finish. That’s why we’ve partnered with the very best in front-of-house service. We want both occupiers and visitors to feel welcome and catered to, so they genuinely enjoy coming to the office.

We know that for residents and businesses alike, security is of paramount importance. We have a specialist security partner who provides a host of services for our managed properties, ranging from a front-of-house security concierge to vacant property checks and event security.

Our Policies

Customer charter
We aim to deliver an exceptional experience for the customer.
Read our customer charter.

Customer complaints
At Grosvenor, we always aim to provide a high-quality service for our customers. If you believe that we have fallen short of this, we hope to resolve your concerns swiftly and effectively.
View our customer complaint procedure.

Supply chain charter
We only partner with businesses that share our ambition of creating positive environmental, social and ethical change. Our charter clearly sets out our goals and commitments alongside the standards we expect of those we work with, as well as how we’ll support them in achieving this.

Read our Supply Chain Charter or view our brief, explanatory film.

Contractor & administration procedure
Given our exceptionally high standards, we carefully select service delivery partners and have specific rules around whom we work with and how we work with specialist sub-contractors. Learn more about our comprehensive procurement programme.

Repairs & maintenance
In 2014, Grosvenor completed a radical and comprehensive procurement programme of all repairs, maintenance and services provided to our managed portfolio of properties. This was so we could achieve high standards and best value pricing from a handful of contractors.

We now have nine main service partners who carry out works on our estate, which we’ve carefully selected based on their health and safety credentials, quality of workmanship, sustainability and value for money. Learn more about our service partners.

Out-of-hours procedure
We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer to all our customers. Your property manager is your single point of contact for all matters. However, if you need to reach us out of hours, please see our contact procedure.

Debt recovery
We have a suite of debt recovery tools at our disposable to ensure customers fairly pay for the services they consume. Details of our debt recovery procedures can be found here.

If you have any queries on the amount being charged please contact your property manager in the first instance. If you are unable to pay, please speak with us as soon as you can.

Insurance claims handling
Sadly, things sometimes do go wrong. When they do, we know this is the time when you need us most. All our property managers are trained to a high standard to work with our insurance brokers in handling insurance claims. Learn more about our insurance claims procedure. 

Community association voluntary recognition procedure
We pride ourselves on our ability to work with, support and foster a community across all customers who live and work within the properties we manage. There are several associations that we’ve established to help support customers.

Termination & handover procedure
Changing managing agents is a straight-forward procedure, but so often it’s done poorly. We have a clear and transparent policy to guide you through this process and ensure standards remain at their highest.

Employee training policy
We are proud of the culture of learning and self-improvement that we have in our team. Our people are constantly challenging themselves to be better, know more and provide the best possible service to our customers. All staff are provided with a comprehensive training plan to help support their technical competency and career development.